I'm Halldor Stefansson


Thank you for visiting my blog.

I work as a software engineer, helping make people's lives easier by ensuring smooth communication between multiple systems.

My Expertise

My skills and knowledge are mainly in the following domains, and most of my articles will be on those subjects:

  • Software Development: Over eight years of development experience with C#, Go, SQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, and .NET frameworks in agile environments.
  • API Design and Implementation: Design and implement RESTful, OpenAPI, and gRPC APIs based on industry standards and guidelines.
  • Integration Specialist: Lead and develop integrations, from ERP to web applications, using SOAP, REST, XML, JSON, etc.

Who Am I?

I'm a graduated car mechanic turned coder who thrives on creating useful things.

After completing my car mechanic studies, I pursued a university education. There, I discovered the world of programming and got instantly hooked!

Since then, I've been passionate about crafting solutions to improve people's lives. Whether it's a simple weather dashboard for my girlfriend or integrations to streamline tasks to minimise manual work, I love the challenge.

My focus is on bringing people together to solve problems efficiently. I specialise in developing software solutions that simplify processes and improve operations. That involves fostering a cohesive team, making data-based decisions, and committing to continuous learning.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested in discussing exciting opportunities, working on cool projects, or just chatting about classic cars.

I aim to share what I'm learning and document exciting things.

Let's Chat!

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I do not accept guest articles or sponsored content in any form. I don't respond to requests like this sent my way.